Composer Frans Bak

Frans Bak has composed music for the Scandinavian film and TV industry for more than 30 years, and in recent years he has won international acclaim for his compositions for Nordic, French, British and American TV series.

He is one of the pioneers of the Nordic Noir genre. His compositions for “The Killing” has contributed to setting new standards for music used in crime series and has inspired other composers to explore the Nordic feel. 

Frans Bak has been performing material from the Sound of North album in both Europe and the United States - including a special performance in New York with the renowned  ACME string quartet.

Frans Bak has been recognised for his music for the Danish and US versions of “The Killing”, the Norwegian Netflix hit show “Lilyhammer”, and the French TV series “Disparue”. He recently recorded the music for the British series “Doctor Foster”, which finished airing on BBC1 with an audience of more than 11 million watching the final episode.


Throughout his career Frans has also composed music for three Oscar-nominated short films and both Emmy nominated and winning tv-series.

If you want to know more about Frans and his music you can visit his website or his facebook page.