Emotional landscape of North

The Nordic Noir movement has its origin in crime fiction written in Scandinavia and has later been made widely popular thru film and tv-series like The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo and The Killing.

Composer Frans Bak has thru his work on The Killing - both the original danish version and the US remake - been one of the defining voices in creating the sound and feel of the genre.

Nordic Noir is "...a realistic style with a dark, morally complex mood..." (Wikipedia) that despite its close ties to its scandinavian roots has resonated with people all over the world.

What is ’North’?

In writing the Sound of North album composer Frans Bak has created a poetic and emotional North. It is a place with definite ties to both Nordic Noir and his own life and upbringing in Denmark. But it is first and foremost a place of space and reflection - an open invitation to the listener.

North is a common place - an emotional landscape to explore and experience.

So please enjoy!

And by the way - Frans never wears a knitted sweater...